Cultural exchange was one of main emphases of the trip, especially on the cultural da. For the cultural day, we prepared songs and skits to perform for them. The Moding students, likewise, prepared many forms of entertainment for us. Practiced only for an hour, we performed different songs and skits in front of 400 people!

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Moding High School is the partner school of EHS in Kenya. Expecting shyness and non-advanced technology/academics, I was totally shocked when I first arrived at their school. As we arrived and introduced ourselves, we’re paired with one or two students each. My guides were John and Emmanuel. They were both in Form I (freshmen). They took me around the campus for a tour and also met other students in the school. The students were so enthusiastic and happy to see us in their school. Many of them came rushing to me, trying to say “habari”, “how are you”… I also sat down to have a chat with the students, and they would ask all kinds of questions, trying to learn more about the foreign culture. We also had the opportunity to visit their classes. I was shocked and impressed by their academic knowledge and how much work they had.

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Kenya. Before this trip, this country sounded so unfamiliar to me. Locating to the west of the Horn of Africa, it borders Tanzania, Uganda, South Sudan, Ethiopia and Somalia. After 30+ hours of travel, I arrived in Nairobi then travelled to Amagoro the following morning, along with my friends from school. 

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The cold winter season always make people want to sleep a few more minutes in bed and stay in the warm blanket for the whole day. However, no matter cold and snow, wind and rain; it doesn’t keep the athletes from competing in this busy athletic season. Last year (which was only 2011, not 2010…he he), the track team competed in an “Early Bird Track Meet.”


(By the way, this is DEFINITELY not my drawing. I’m not that creative and artistic. :P)

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Any of you heard of "Iron Chef?" Well, if you've never heard of it, that's fine, because I didn't know about it either. So from what I've heard, basically, it's a cooking competition, with a limited amount of time and ingredients to use. On Friday, EHS held the "Battle of the Chefs," which was the high school version of "Iron Chef." As the tables were set up and the contenders were ready, the competition began.

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Blueberry Boston Cream Pie~ Yum!

First break of the year, Thanksgiving. As a 9th grader, I decided to go back home to Taiwan for the break. After 16 hours of flight, I finally arrived home to the wonderful city of Taipei. As few days passed by, it was clear that the break was coming to an end. It came to me that my dad’s birthday is in a few days, which is most definitely after the break. So, celebrating it earlier seems to be the only and best solution. And to celebrate, I mean to make a cake and have a little party in our house. What cake? A blueberry Boston cream pie.


It’s not a hard cake to make, but the flavor came out great. With some blueberries in the cream, the cream was blended in a light sourness and odor of the blueberries. The cake itself was already pretty awesome, but the blueberry in the cream gave it a bonus.

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